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McConville Marriages Clonallan & Warrenpoint Parishes

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McConville Marriages in Clonallan and Warrenpoint Parishes, Co Down. [Note: We have added an "e" to McConvill(e) for a number of entries, for consistancy.]

G.T. (Terry) McConville

Date Groom's Name Bride's
Maiden Name
Bride's Name
before 1826 McConville Hugh McConvilleBridget
before 1826 McConville Roger McConvilleAnn
before 1826 McConville John Mooney Mary
before 1826 McConville Anthony Fegen Eleanor
before 1826 McConville James McEvoy Susan
before 1826 McConville John Rucy Mary
before 1826 McConville Owen Fegen Ann
before 1826 McConville Bernard Grant Eleanor
1826 McConville James Magee Margaret
1826 McConville John Kelly Mary
1827 McConville Pat Morgan Elizebeth
1829 McConville Pat Kearney Catherine
1830 McConville Pat O'Hare Ann
1830 McConville Hugh Roony Bridget
1831 McConville Peter Connley Bridget
1831 McConville Arthur Shanks? Anne
1831 McConville Arthur Murphy Bridget
1833 McConville John McGonan Ann
1833 McConville Michael McConvilleElizebeth
1833 McConville Bernard Morgan Rose
1835 McConville Peter Gribben Mary
1835 McConville Patrick Mooney Catherine
1835 McConville Henry Morris Catherine
1836 McConville Peter Mooney Mary
1839 McConville John Woods Catherine
1840 McConville Thomas O'Hare Bridget
1841 McConville James Doran Margaret
1841 McConville James White Ann
1843 McConville Michael Gribben Mary
1846 McConville John McConvilleMary
1848 McConville James Trainor Rose
1851 McConville Thomas McConvilleMary
1853 McConville Michael O'Hare Mary
1855 McConville Michael Babe Mary
1857 McConville James Trainor Margaret
1857 McConville John McEvoy Ann
1859 McConville James Harris Margaret
1859 McConville Francis Trainor Catherine
1866 McConville Terence McAundty Mary
1866 McConville Hugh Clancy Margaret
1867 McConville Pat McConvilleAnn
1869 McConville James Campbell Catherine

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