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Irish Genealogy

Ireland: Settlement Patterns of its Surnames
Historical and demographic information Irish surnames in general and specific information on the Gallagher, Delaney, Kelly, O'Neill, McDonald, Walsh, Smith, Smyth, McGowan, McBride, O'Donovan families including maps of Ireland showing distribution of these families.

Of The Children of Kneafsey and the Shrine at the Pictish Fort
An essay about one person's search to find the meaning of his unusual name. Contains some great historical insights, myths and miracles. Some satire of Manus O'Donnell, chief of the O'Donnells in the 1500's. Of special interest to the families with the surnames Bonner, Boner and Kneafsey.

Catholic Churches in Cos. Armagh & Down with records before 1900
A list of Catholic Churches based on a manuscript compiled by the National Library of Ireland. The list is of churches with registers of records, only. Other Catholic Churches in existence before 1900 did not have resident priests and did not archive records.

Protestant Churches in Cos. Armagh & Down with records before 1853
This list of Protestant Churches is based on "Thom's Irish Almanac and Offical Directory for 1853".

The First Census of the Fews - 1602
The Fews is a barony in South Armagh. Geographically, it roughly corresponds to Creggan parish. This is the earliest Irish census that is still in existence.

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