We would like this site to be a place that McConvilles in Ireland, Australia, Britain, Canada, the U.S. and anywhere else in the world can use as a resource. We have information on some McConvilles that we plan use on this site, from young Oisin McConville, of the Crossmaglen Rangers Football Club in Co. Armagh to Henry McConville, the South Australian pioneer. We even have had McConvilles chasing after Chief Joseph and the Nez-Pierce Indians in the western U.S.

We have also started a McConville Mailing List. There are quite a number of surname-oriented mailing lists in Genealogy circles. They are essentially e-mail broadcasts to all the subscribers. Mailing lists are absolutely a great tool for research or to just keep in touch.

We have a Mailing List Help Page with information on how to subscribe. Please join our network of McConville's and exchange information on the family or perhaps other interests.

McConville 2000 was a Millenium Gathering of all the McConvilles. The event was a great success. We had such a great time were going to have a McConville II - 2002. Once again the Gathering will be in Ireland, at the TiChulainn Cultural Center. We are having the Gathering on the weekend of July 26, 27 & 28. if you're interested you might want to check out the McConville 2002 Information Page.

If you missed celebrating the millennium with the McConvilles, your going to have another chance to celebrate with the McConvilles. It won't be the millennium but it will be a celebration. Subscribe to the McConville Mailing List for latest info.

Finally! We have pictures from McConville 2000. Click here to see if you recognize anyone. McConville 2000 - the Pictures

From Pauline Loughran, "The McConville tree is flourishing and I have got a stone carved with Clan McConville (as Gaelige) to put beside it".

We have some thoughts on other areas of interest for the future but please send us an e-mail or leave a message in the Guestbook with any ideas you may have for this site. Any information anyone would care to contribute on the McConvilles would be appreciated.

Check out our GuestBook See who has visited us or sign-in and leave a message for those who follow.

Congratulations to Armagh on winning the All Ireland!!

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Portions of the web site were disabled for the past several months after we moved the web site from our server to a web hosting service that was unfortunately slightly incapable with our setup.

We have moved the web site to a new web hosting service that is very similar to our old setup. The guestbook, mailing list and postmaster email are now once again functional. I'll soon get the photos posted from the 2002 McConville Gathering and will sent a message to all the old mailing list subscribers.

Sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused.

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Last Updated 6/25/2003.